Parable of the Good Shepherd

Parable of the Good Shepherd – John 10:1-21


Jesus after this account then teaches about the Great Shepherd.  Anyone who comes into the sheep pen dishonestly is a robber.  The one who comes by the gate is the Shepherd.  The shepherd has the keys to the gate.  The watchman and the sheep know His voice.

He calls the sheep out by name and then leads them out.  Jesus is the shepherd and all who came before Him were thieves and robbers.  All who do not hear His voice will not be saved.  The sheep will run from a false shepherd.  Jesus is the gate and all who will enter through Him will be saved.  He will give us pasture.  The thief come to rob, kill and destroy.  Jesus came to give us life abundantly.

As the good shepherd Jesus said He would lay down His life for the sheep.  He knows the Father and the Father knows Him.  The sheep will hear His voice and will not follow another.  Jesus will lay down His life but when He rises from the dead it will be given back to Him.  No one can take His life, He gives it willingly.