Paul Avoids Bias

Paul avoids bias – 1 Cor 1:14-15

Vs 14 – Paul was so thankful that he did not baptize anyone except except Gaius and Crispus.  Interesting thought here.  There are some people who believe that you are not saved unless you are baptized in water.  Paul did not do this so it is obvious that baptism is a public declaration of your faith and not a requirement.

Vs 15 – Paul was grateful that no one could be baptized in His name.  Paul wanted all Christians to know that the emphasis was not the messenger but the message.  We must decrease and Christ must increase.  Man has a tendency for hero worship.  Paul wanted to make sure Christ was the hero, not Paul.  Jesus is all about relationship and self sacrifice.  If you want to be great in God`s kingdom you must learn to be the servant of all.