Peace to You

In John 20:26, Jesus says to Thomas and the rest of His disciples, "Peace to You."  One of the titles that have been given to Jesus is the "Prince of Peace."  Peace is absence of war or strife in one’s personal world.  Jesus is the one who can bring that.  He is the one who through His broken body and shed blood purchased your peace.  It was through His death, burial and resurrection that our peace was secured.  Before we knew Christ we were at war with God and ourselves.  Jesus gave us a way to peace.  When Jesus came that day to His disciples their personal world’s were in turmoil.  They had told Thomas that Jesus was alive and His response was, "I will believe it when I see His hands, feet and side."  When Jesus arrived that day and gave them His greeting He was speaking directly to their hearts.  In Thomas’ life Jesus spoke directly to His statement.  Jesus said, "Thomas, here is my hands, feet and side."  It was then that Thomas said, "Lord I believe."  Today Jesus is speaking directly to the turmoil in your life.  He is saying, "Peace to you."  The Prince of Peace is here today to calm you heart, mind and life.  He knows what you are facing and He already has the solution.  Calm your heart.  Let the Prince of Peace come in and bring His peace which the world cannot give or the world cannot take away.  Your Promises today are:  Eph 2:14, 5:21, 5:33, Psalm 23:4, 34:10, 46:1 and 71:1.  Your Insightful Thought today.  When you want peace, allow the Prince of Peace to come and greet you with the saying, "Peace to you."