Feb 7 – Pergamum – Rev 2:12

Pergamon lies on the north edge of the Caicus plain in the historic region of Mysia in the northwest of Turkey. The Caicus river breaks through the surrounding mountains and hills at this point and flows in a wide arc to the southwest. At the foot of the mountain range to the north, between the rivers Selinus and Cetius, there is the massif of Pergamon which rises 335 metres above sea level. It was a very large city of about 200,000 people and was known for its luxury and merchant culture.

Vs 12 – This is the message given to the messenger and church leader at Pergamum. Jesus is described as the one who has the double edge sword. This of course later on would be used to destroy the enemies of the Lord at the battle of Armageddon. This also described the power of the word of God. It can divide the thoughts and intents of the heart.