In Matt 5:10, Jesus reveals a very taboo subject.  Blessed are the persecuted for they shall see the Kingdom of God.  Persecution is a real fact in the Christian faith.  Jesus says you should expect it.  It is not a great subject to talk about because no one likes to be disliked or attacked.  For many through out the world persecution is a reality.  Every hour 80 people die for their faith.  Many more will be imprisoned or persecuted in some form.  Jesus said you are blessed when you are persecuted.  Jesus knew this was going to happen because it happened to Him.  He was persecuted every where He went.  Persecution is a sign that you are making a difference.  The world and the devil will do everything in their power to destroy you and make you ineffective.  Your response is to push back with righteousness and fearless dedication to your faith.  You must never back down in the face of persecution.  Your resolve must be one of a warrior.  You will not give up because you know what is at state.  Jesus says your reward is that you will inherit the Kingdom of God.  All the apostles except John suffered a martyr’s death.  Today some 1600 people will give their lives for Christ around the world.  A little peresecution today will not harm you but will strengthen your faith.  So go and change your world for Christ and if a little persecution comes rejoice because you are standing in good company.