Peter Re-Instated

Peter is Reinstated – John 21:15-19   This is a very interesting passage because Jesus re-states Peter but He does it through one question being asked 3 Times.  Jesus asked this question because Peter denied Jesus three times.  Three is also a strong cord of truth.  In scripture when someone does something three times or is asked a question three times it becomes a cord of truth or spiritual reality.  The book of Ecclesiastes tells us a three fold cord is not easily broken.  When Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved him, it was followed by the exhortation to feed His sheep.  Here is a truth, you can love Jesus and not feed or care for His people.  Love is the motivation behind unity.  When you love the church you will do every thing to keep unity and relationships.  You will keep short account with God and others.  If you find your self not in unity with the church you do not really love Christ as you should.  Peter told Jesus that he loved Him.       Jesus then tells Peter how his life will end and what will happen to him in the future.  Peter would later be martyred for the faith and his death would glorify God.  When we choose to follow Jesus there is always a distinct possibility of suffering, persecution and even death.  In fact we learn that death for the cause of Christ is something that glorifies God.  It was evident here that John wrote this gospel after Peter was killed and how he was martyred.