Peter’s denial

Peter’s denial – Matt 26:68-75, Mark 14:54-72, Luke 22:54-65 and John 18:15-18


    Peter had come to the house of the High Priest to see the outcome of Jesus’ trial.  He stayed out in the courtyard.  A servant recognized him and told the others.  Peter denied that he knew Jesus.  Later another servant girl saw him and made the same claim, again Peter denied it.  A little later some said, “We are sure you were with him because you have a Galilean accent.  

    Peter then cursed and then made an oath that he did not know Jesus.  It was then two significant things happened.  First, the rooster crowed as Jesus said it would.  Secondly, when he did deny the Lord, Jesus looked straight at Peter.  Peter then remembered the words of Jesus and he went out of wept bitterly.  The Word of the Lord always comes to pass.  The lesson we can learn today is that never say you are going to do something because you never know how you are going to react.  Just trust the Lord and asked the Holy Spirit to help you during the time of testing.