Peter’s Mother in law Healed

Luke 8:38-41 – Peter’s Mother in law Healed

Today we learn that Peter was married and that His mother in law was sick.  Jesus came to Peter’s house and when he touched Peter’s relative she was made well.  She even got up and made them dinner.  Later in this account we see the demonic possessed and sick were brought to Him and they were all made well.  Just a quite note, not all who are sick are this way because of demonic activity and vice versa but Jesus made them well because He came to set the captive free.  Jesus also did these things to fulfill prophecy.

Jesus was moved by compassion to reach out to His friends.  He touched and healed Peter’s mother in law because His friends asked Him to do it.  Jesus has authority over every sickness, disease and demon.  It is not God’s will that people are sick.  This is evident because everyone who came to Jesus was healed.  Jesus healed those who came with His word.

Jesus did not spend time speaking to the demon, He just cast them out.  Jesus came to heal or carry our infirmities and diseases.  Jesus rebuked the fever and we must do the same.   Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.   Nothing must hinder its cleanliness.  Jesus used in this case the method of Laying on of Hands.  There are many methods of healing can be employed but the issue in every case is seeing people healed and the Lord being glorified,