Plan for the Future.

   In Joshua 24:29-33, Joshua had just died and the people of Isreal buried him.  The passage of scripture says that the people of Isarel served the Lord during the time of Joshua and the elders of Israel.  This was a tremendous testimony of the leadership of that day.  Yet it was also a sign of weakness.  Joshua and the leaders of Israel failed to plan for the future generations of Israel.  We know as leaders we are not responsible for someone’s belief in God and yet we have the responsibility to make sure that proper leadership is in place before we leave the scene.  I remember when I left one church I wanted the church to go on to greater things.  I approached two men about leadership and they let their names stand for board members and under their leadershp the church continued until the pastor was selected who replaced me.  This did not mean that the church did not have its struggles.  Yet God did bless because of those men who were in place.  The church is now going better than when I was pastor.  I am so glad.  A little thought.  Do the work of preparationn in the hearts of your children now and they will be a legacy unto the Lord.  Your promises today are Prov 3:5-6, Matt 6:33, Isaiah 41:10 and Rom 8:11