Power of Prayer

   Today I wish to talk to you about the Power of Prayer.  Prayer is such an essential element in the Christian walk.  It is the conveyor belt that brings the ammunition needed in the warfare called the Christian life.  Prayer is as essential to the Christian walk as air is to the body.  Yet for so many it is a non reality.  Many are either to busy to pray or do not how to pray.  Years ago I was in the same boat.  If I prayed more than ten minutes a day.  I would wear God out and myself.  Then I came across a teaching by Larry Lea, called, "Could you not Tarry."  It was a prayer series based on the Lord’s prayer.  It changed my whole prayer world.  I learn how to pace out my prayer time and through this series learned how to pray one hour.  Now three hours is no problem.  You plan out your prayer time and follow through until it is finished.  When in the place of prayer you always must remember that you are in communication with the creator of the universe.  He is listening to every word you say.  He is excited to be with you.  You are His son and He is proud of you and the time you are spending with Him.  The longer you spend in prayer the stronger your relationship with God becomes.  You are getting to know Him better and His will for your life.  In my prayer times I hear what God wants me to do that day and in the following days.  Martin Luther said, "I have so much to do I have to spend serveral hours in prayer to get it done."  Martin had learn that the secret to a well organized life was to have a well organized time of prayer.  Prayer makes everything in life run smoother because you have tapped into the one who organized life to the fullest.  So today.  Spend some time in prayer and get God’s game plan for your life and you will see things run smoother and you will get more done.  All for the glory of God.