Practical Advice

In 1 Tim 5:1-2, Paul gives Timothy some very practical advice in this passage.  Ben Sieppert said one time, "The Bible is a very practical book and if we can’t get something out of it we should not read it."  Paul told Timothy he should not rebuke an older person in the Lord.  It is much better to appeal to them as a mother or father in the Lord.  The ultimate responsibility for the direction of the church was Timothy’s but he should always seek the advice of older Christians.  Others help us see what is really happening.  Timothy was to treat younger men as brothers in the Lord.  Sometimes when people are the same age we can have a tendency to treat them differently.  We are brothers in the Lord and should treat them as we would want to be treated.  We are to treat older women and young women as sisters in the Lord.  They must be treated with all purity.  What Paul is giving is practical advice on human relationships.  If a man or woman of God follow this advice it will help keep them above accusation.  People get hurt mostly in the area of human relationships.  Follow this advice and it will go better for you.  You Promises today are:  Prov 3:5-6, Matt 11:28, 22:37-40, John 3:16, 10:10 14:6 and Acts 1:8.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Why is it that when we have so much to choose in life we choose the foolish and the inane instead of the fruitful and productive.  Wise men choose life and know why, the foolish man chooses death and have no idea why they did it.  Humor is found in the childish things.  A baby will laugh when a loved one bumps their head.