Prayer Support

Today I was not on the air but I have a very important request for you.  Would you pray for the morning show.  I have now been on the air for almost two months and thank you so much for listening to the program.  We are touching thousands of lives with a message of truth.  Am 930 the Light has two formats in which we operate, Spoken word programming and praise and worship.  Each format has a loyal following and we appreciate each one of you.  The morning show is a combination of both formats.  Everyday I want to give as Solomon wrote, a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.  I want to bring the right word at the right time for the right reason.  The music and the word together can change lives.  Would you also pray that we would be able to reach new listeners.  That more people would listen to the Morning Show.  That God would expand the work.  Much of the talk you hear on AM radio is either kind of silly or designed to provoke a reaction.  The Morning Show is positive talk and we are the only program on AM radio that pesents a Christian world view.  The morning show is the the only AM show in a major market in Alberta.  It is unique so your prayers will greatly valued.  Lastly pray for me that the work I do both on radio, pastoral and on the internet would have a strong impact for God.  Thank you for praying and God Bless.