Prayer was essential to Daniel life

Prayer was essential to Daniel life – Dan 9:23


Prayer as we know is the most powerful form of communication.  You are onversing with the creator of the universe.  This was made possible through the Death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Prayer is all powerful because God is All powerful.  Daniel showed most this dramatically when he prayed for God to answer his request To interpret Nebuchadnezzer dream in Dan 2:17-23 which saved him and the wise men of Babylon.  

     Daniel learned through practical means that prayer was his only protection from those that sought to hurt, slander and destroy him.  Do you and I know this?  Daniel understood that prayer is essential to be a man of faith and hero for God.  It along with the word, faith and the power of the Holy Spirit enables a person to not bow to the world.  Through the power of prayer the lions Den and the fiery furnace was no match for God’s power and love.