Preach without words

Preach the gospel without words – 1 Cor 16-17

Vs 16 – The Paul has a second thought.  Remember this letter is being dictated so Paul then adds to his list of people baptized, the household of Stephanas.  He then added the thought that as far as he can remember he did not baptize any other person.  

Vs 17 – Paul then finishes this paragraph by saying that Christ did not called him to baptize people but to preach the gospel.  The gospel Paul preached would not be with words of human wisdom because if he did the gospel would be void of its power.  Wisdom and knowledge in ancient Greece was prominent.  Corinth was a city of several major universities and school.  The writings of Socrates and Plot were well presented.  Paul wanted his message to one focused on Christ and Christ alone.  Remember this is where he refocused his call and ministry.  He determined to preach Christ and Christ crucified alone.  One time a man wrote that the best message you can give for Christ is one without words but deeds.  Let your life speak before you open your mouth.