Preparation for Passover Meal

In Matt 26:17-19, we find that it is the feast of the unleavened bread.  Jesus told His disciples to go and prepare for the Passover.  Jesus gave them the following instructions.  Go into town and you will see a man carrying a water jar follow him to a house and when you get there tell him the Master needs it.  The man will show you a large upper room all furnished and you will make preparations for the meal.  They found everything the way Jesus had told them and they prepared the meal.  The lesson we can learn from this story is that when the Lord tells us what to do He has already ordered everything ahead of time for it to be done.  The will of God will not take you any place where the Lord has not already put everything in place you need to stay there.  The grace of God will keep you there until all that needs to be done had been done.  You can trust the Lord.  He goes before you and has everything in place so you can succeed and do His will.