Prepare the Way

In Matt 3:3, Matthew reveals that John the Baptist was fulfilling a prophecy written by Isaiah some 700 years before the event.  What I love about scripture and prophecy is that one day all things will come to pass.  Sometimes it takes time for God to fulfill His promises but He will fulfill them.  You can stand upon God’s word.  John the Baptist was the man fulfilling this scripture.  His job was to prepare the way of the Lord.  We have a similar task.  In Matthew 24, we are told to that Jesus will not come until all the world has heard the gospel.  This is the natural word and also our world.  We are Jesus’ voice in this world.  We testitfy in two ways.  Through our words and by our life.  That is why it so important that our walk lines up with our talk.  When I first came to the Lord I had all kinds of buttons and bumper stickers testifying about the Lord.  This meant that I had to live my life as a Christian.  I abandoned the bumper stickers and buttons but I still live my life as if Jesus could come back today.  Why, you may ask?  The reality is that either through the portal of the rapture or death we will all will see Christ.  That could happen at any moment.  So today make it your aim to touch your world and prepare the way of the Lord.  Be His ambassador for His praise and glory.