Proper view of treasures

Proper view of treasures – Matt 6:19-20


In these two verses are most likely the most important verses on God’s view of material possessions.  Jesus says that we should not lay up treasures here on earth.  Ever since man has fallen he has been trying to right the wrong in his relationship with God.  Man has been trying to fill the void or gap between himself and God.  One of the common ways he does this is through possessions.  To most possessions mean security.  The more you possess the more secure and significant you feel.  Through out the centuries certain possessions are viewed as a status symbol of arriving to a certain standard.  Today it is cars, watches, gold, diamonds, silver and homes.

The problem with treasures on earth Jesus says they are subject to three things, moths, rust and thieves.

What moths cannot eat, rust will corrupt and what rust cannot corrupt a thief will steal.  Possessions cannot fill the void and the eternal separation man has with God.  It is the love of money and possession that is the root of all evil.

Jesus counsels His audience to lay up treasures in heaven where thieves, moth and rust cannot touch.  Jesus states that it is the intangibles that will matter the most in eternity.  Love, mercy, grace, faith, peace, joy and righteousness.  When a person loses their health the last thing they are thinking about is their stock portfolio, they want to well and whole again.  When a parent loses a child they are not worried about getting a new car they just wanted their child back.

Jesus closes with a statement of reality.  Where your treasure that is where you heart will be.  Your heart always follows your treasure.  Here is a truth.  Who ever has your wallet has your heart.  Wherever you spend your money is where your heart is.