Protect the weak

April 17 – Protect the weak – Psalm 41:1-3

     This is a great Psalm and another Psalm of David.  David was such a prolific writer.  David says that you are blessed when you have regard for the weak.  The child of God is called to be an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Jesus stated in Matt 25, that the Christian will be judged on how they minister to the less fortunate.  The promise is that if you take care of the poor and weak God will deliver you out of times of trouble.  Sounds like a great escape plan from trouble.

     The Lord will also protect and preserve Him.  How we deal with others will be how the Lord deals with us.  You want protection and deliverance then do that for others.  We are His instruments of mercy and grace in the lives of others.  The promise is the Lord will give us our land and will not turn us over to our foes. We will not have to surrender or give up.  In fact we will be the head and not the tail.

     The Lord also promised to sustain the righteous in their sick bed.  When we are sick the Lord will either directly heal us or get us through the affliction.  In fact the promise is that the Lord will restore us from our sick bed.  This means that in and through all sickness the Lord will be with us.  By His stripes we were healed that means the job is already done.  Claim your promise today.