Psalm 26:7-8 – Testifying

March 5 – Psalm 26:7-8 – Testifying

     David is testifying today.  I am proclaiming aloud your praise.  David was telling all about the things God has done.  Worshippers express what is in their hearts.  Jesus said if we do not praise the Lord, the rock and stones will cry out.  David would tell all who would listen about the Lord’s wonderful deeds.  Look what the Lord has done.  Giving a testimony is so important because it releases the thankfulness we have in our heart.  Are you thankful today?

     David continues his testimony.  He says, “I love the house where you live. O Lord.”  David loved going to God’s house.  It made Him glad and gave Him joy. Worshipper love God’s house.  It is the place where the glory of God is.  Glory is not just the presence of the Lord but also His character and essence.  David longed for this.  Do you?