Put God First

In Luke 12:31, Jesus made a simple but powerful statement.  Seek first the Kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you.  It s similar to what Matthew said in Matt 6:33.  Jesus said that if you seek righteousness, peace and joy today all things of true value will be added unto you.  In simple form it means that whatever you seek is what you are going to get.  Today many people are seeking the Kingdom of pleasure and materialism and they are reaping misery and defeat.   When you seek God first you are finding true life and things of real value.  Everyday we have an opportunity to serve the Lord and redeem our time.  True life is knowing that God is the source.  He is the one that truly gives eternal and abundant life.  So when you seek these first, all things will be added unto you.  God has so many wonderful things He wishes to give you.  Our responsibility is to seek Him first.  If we do our part God will do His and this verse is His promise.