Quoted in the New Testament

Quoted in the New Testament – Matt 10:35-36


Micah is quoted by Jeremiah and San Hedrin at the birth of Jesus Christ.  Jer 26:16-19 &

Mt 2:5-6.  Also Jesus quoted him when he sent forth His disciples.  Mt 10:35-36 & Micah 7:6  His contribution to future events we greater than he could dream.  To be quoted by Jesus gave great favor and also shows us how important prophecy is to the future of other generations.  What you do does matter to the future of others.  Campbell Morgan was asked once what was the secret to future Christianity and he said, “Invest in your family.”  They are the future and what you say and do does matter.  As you go about your business today think of how you can be effecting tomorrow by what you do today.  This thought carries great responsibility so live wisely before the Lord and others.