The Raising of Lazarus – Part 3

The Raising of Lazarus – John 11:1-44

                Jesus was conversing with Martha about the fact that He was the resurrection and the life.  He then told her that if anyone believes in Him that they would never die.

1.       Jesus is the resurrection and the Life.  He gives both eternal and abundant life.

2.       Jesus then tested her faith by asking her if she believed,  She told Him that she believed He was the Son of God the Christ who came into the world.  Jesus in the fullness of time came to release man from any forms of death.

3.       She went and got Mary and she came to Jesus and said the same basic thing to Jesus as Martha did.

4.       Jesus saw her, the Jews and He was moved to emotion.  Jesus wept.

5.       Jesus then inquires to where the body was.  He went to the tomb and He wept at the tomb.  He saw the people and the Jews.  This is such a wonderful story because in the face of hopelessness Jesus comes to rule the day.  Whatever you need today know the one who has God’s ear is only a prayer away.