Real Love

In 1 Sam 25, there is a wonderful love story between David and Abigail.  Abigail was married to a selfish and foolish man named Nabal.  He was very rude to David after David had been very kind to him.  David was going to take revenge when Abigail through and act of kindness intervened.  Later Nabal died and David married Abigail.  The Bible is full of great love stories.  There is Abraham and Sarah, Issac and Rebekah, Jacob and Rachel.  All these stories center around love.  God was in the middle of these relationships.  The Bible records that things did not always go smooth between these couples, yet their faith in God and their love for each other always prevailed.  Sometimes as married couples things are not always easy.  There is money troubles or sickness in the family.  If you put your trust in the Lord He will see you through.  He is the third person in your marriage.  Remember that today.