Reality Check

Reality Check – Gen 1:14-25


14-18 – God then created the sun, moon and stars to help mankind mark time, space, matter and motion.  The sun is the source of heat and light.  The moon governs seas and lunar movement associated with the earth.  The stars were designed for navigation and a reminder of a creator.  This was the fourth day.

20-23 – God made all the living creatures, those in the sea.  He created the birds that fly.  Each after their own kind.  Reality check, you can mix breeds but their offspring is always sterile.  All creatures great and small had one mandate to be fruitful and multiply.    This was the fifth day.

24-25 – God then commanded the land to produce its creatures.  Livestock, wild animals and insects each according to their kind.  God saw that is was good.  All God does and makes is good.  That is why the Psalmist says, “God is good.”  Never forget the goodness of God.  There are days where it may not be good but God is good and He has your best interest at heart.