Feb 14 – Jezebel and repentance – Rev 2:20-21

Vs 20 – The Spirit of Jezebel was operating in this church. There was a faction in the church at this time led by either a real person or a spirit behind this person. The Jezebel spirit is one that always claims to be something great. It always tries to undermine godly authority. It is a witchcraft spirit which tries to intimidate without actually confronting. It works through accusation, slander and gossip. Now this individual claimed to be a prophet. To hear from God but they did not. This individual was causing the church to go into sexual immorality or follow the base factors of life. Also she taught that you could eat meat offer to idols. Jesus was quote specific of what He thought about idol worship. Isaiah revealed that anyone who worship idols was worshipping demons.

Vs 21 – Now the tragedy of this individual is that they were given time to repent and they refused. It was obvious that this person had been confronted about what they were doing but they refused to acknowledge their sin and to repent. A very sad commentary of this individual. They were immoral and they refused to give it up