Report to the Apostles

Luke 24:33-35 – A Report to the Apostles    So we have the two disciples immediately within the hour going back to Jerusalem and finding the apostles telling them what they had experienced.  The apostles were in a gathering and there were others with them.  They told them that Jesus had risen and that Simon had seen Jesus was well.  This information must have come from Jesus,  They told the apostles how Jesus had spoken to them on the way to Emmaus and then how He had revealed Himself when they sat down to eat.  What a story to tell.  Here everyone thinks that Jesus is dead and then He shows Himself alive to the two disciples.  What is amazing is how quickly they went to tell others about what they had experienced.  This is what we must do.  We have the greatest message ever.  Do not be selfish and keep it to yourself.  Jesus is your Saviour, Healer, Baptizer in the Holy Spirit and your Soon Coming King.  Share this message with others and change your world.  Some will not believe but others will for His praise and glory.