Revive Yourself.

Personal revival is every bit as important as community or church revival.  Gypsy Smith a revivalist of the last century was asked how revival started.  He said that you needed to draw a circle around yourself and do not come out of that place until you are revived.  Revival starts in the heart and spreads outward to those in our world.  Paul says that which I have received I will pass onto you.  If your heart is revived you have a powerful faith that is desired by others.  Vibrant faith is caught not taught.  You can win your spouse, your family and change your world when you are revived.  There is no short cut though.  You have to be consistent in your daily time with God.  Before you leave your place of prayer make sure  you have been adequately filled with the Holy Spirit and you know you are charged up for the day.  I do not demean our places of prayer but here is a simple analogy.  For those who own cell phones, you know that you have to charge them up every night so they will work at their best.  To work at your best you need to be charged up.  So get revived and electrify your world for Jesus Christ.