Salvation is a personal decision

In Rom 5:18-19, Paul points out that salvation is a personal decision.  he talks about how Adam sinned against God by choosing to take the forbidden fruit.  He choose the path of self will verses the path of God.  We make that same decision every day.  In fact everyday we will make more than a hundred decisions.  Each decision will have a consequence of some sort.  For example you may choose to brush your teeth.  That is a good decision because oral care is important and you will have teeth that can last you a lifetime.  You may choose today to comb your hair.  No one likes to look at someone whose hair looks like a bird lives there.  Each decision has physical choices or how people perceive you.  Also a decison could save or change your life.  A man one time decided to walk across the road at the wrong time.  He was talking on his cell phone and was distracted that decison cost him his life.  Today I urge you to include the Lord in your decisions and choices.  Make His priorities your priorities.  Adam’s decision cost mankind separation from God which thank goodness Jesus took care of by dying on the cross.  Your decision will most likely not have that huge of a problem but remember the steps of a good person is ordered by the Lord.  Let the Lord order your steps today.