Saturday a Day of Rest?

Weekdays are very busy for me. Â I am doing the morning show and then afterward I go and pastor the church I have been given responsibility over in St. Albert, Cornerstone Pentecostak Fellowship. Â So you would think Saturday would be my kick back day. Â It is not. Â It is my day to prepare for Sunday. Â On Saturday I spend a considerable amount of time in prayer. Â Prayer is the key to anything. Â You want a succesful walk with God, it must include prayer. Â You want to know God’s will, prayer is a key component. Â There is an old adage. Â “Seven day without prayer makes one weak.” Â I do not wish to be weak in any area of my life. Â The second component of a powerful life in God is the word. Â With this thought in mind everyday I want to share with you promises to overcome certain problems. Â Today I will share verses that will help overcome adsentmindedness or memory loss which I seem to be facing so these are good for me. Â Proverbs 16:3, Isaiah 50:7, John 14:26 and 2 Tim 1:7. Â These promises are designed to give you hope and help. Â The last has to do with having a sound mind. Â Today allow both prayer and the word to saturate your heart and become one the person you were always designed to be.Â