Saturday is more than Hockey Night in Canada

Well, the week has come and gone and here we are on a Saturday Night.  For many in the world it is a time of going out and drinking with their friends and partying.  For others it is watching the Stanley Cup playoffs of course this year the Oilers are not in contention.  Saturday however is more than drinking and hockey.  It should be a time for family and friends without all the substances.  Saturday is preparation time for Sunday which is the best day of the week.  Sunday is the day that Jesus rose from the dead.  Sunday is when everything changed.  I would like you to look at Saturday differently.  For me it is the day I pray and refocus.  It is the time that I pray for revival, a change in my world and society.  I am aware of the fact that with out God doing something in our society it is not going to get better.  I however chose not to be pessimistic but walk in fith.  I know God is not finished with Alberta or Canada.  We have a destiny as a province and country.  God is just getting started.  I believe our best days are ahead.  So today keep you focus on God and let Him work in your life, family and world.