Saturday morning thought

Saturday as I have declared before is my time where I get alone with God and reflect on what has been accomplished during the week and prepare for the week that is about to come.  This week of course was Valentines and the full celebration of love.  Love is such a powerful concept and emotion.  It is the one thing that can take you to the highest heights and the deepest depths pf despair.  Love is that one communicable attribute of God that we can fully express and changes the lives of others.  I have one belief today that motivates me more than any thing else.  I have been on this planet to change lives.  The things said, written, or communicated is all about changing someone elses world for the better.  Paul wrote in 1 Cor 11:23, "that which I have I will pass unto you."  Paul understood that we only have one crack at this life and to use our gifts, talents and resources should be for the benefit of others.  What amazes me is how much time, energy and resources are spent on selfish nonsensical things.  Everyday, millions of people follow the lives of some celebrity whose only real contribution to life is entertainment of the masses but whose life style is one of self destruction.  Do we need to hear about another celebrity self destructing?  No.  Paul wrote in Phil 4:8-9,  "What ever is lovely, true, honest, praiseworthy and virteous, think on these things."  I do not know what your world looks like today but I know that if you get up today and make the decision to make it a better place that you will.