Saturday. Weekend Renewal

I love Saturdays.  This is the time I spiritually recharge.  After 6 days of pastoral and radio work I get to set aside time for prayer.  It is the time where I refocus and make sure my priorities are staight.  Has the time I spent been well spent and in most cases I could do better.  Have I said this week what was needed to be said.  Did I meet with the right people and do the right things.  As a Christian I am well aware that my time, talents and resources belong to God.  I have to be aware of His priorities, plans and direction.  Saturday and Sunday which are my major focus prayer times help with this.  It is easy to lose perspective in the daily grind of doing and being.  These days bring everything back into focus.  We are placed on this planet for a purpose.  Our life is but a vapour or smoke as the Bible says.  We could be here as long as 100 years or as short as 10 but the question each one of us must ask ourselves is, "Am I impacting my world for Christ?"  If you cannot say a hallelujah yes.  Then you need to go back to the basics and meet with God and start all over and get back on God’s track.  Remember you are not here for a long time but an effective time in the Lord.