Save some money !!!

Want to save some cash? Here are 5 types of stores that are discounting big time because of the slow economy. A few places where you can take advantage of some awesome deals:

  • Car dealers – Some are attempting to boost sales by removing some of the risk associated with purchasing a car during a period of high unemployment. Hyundai’s Assurance program, which launched in January, lets customers return their new car if they lose their job and absolves them of up to $7,500 of negative equity.
  • Home furnishings – They are in a slump right now primarily because fewer people are buying new homes.
  • Clothing stores – Department stores have been hit especially hard in the past year, with many closing.
  • Electronics – Even after Circuit City’s liquidation earlier this year, there is still competition in the consumer electronics sector among national chains like Best Buy and
  • Full-service restaurants – More consumers are passing on full-service restaurants, downgrading to fast food or home-cooked meals, Stampfl says. As a result, restaurants are promoting lower prices and value meals at fixed low prices, Green says.