Save your money !

So forget about penny-pinching. Here are five major ways folks waste their money. Stop wasting money in these areas and you’ll never fret about your latte spending again. (from

  • New Cars – Because cars depreciate fastest during the first two or three years of ownership, that new-car smell probably costs you 30% or more than if you bought the same car used.
  • Brand Names at the Supermarket – At the drug store or supermarket, some brand items are simply not worth buying. The generic versions are just as good and cost much less.
  • At the Office – Granted, we’re paid to work, so the workplace isn’t your logical money pit. Answer this, though: Are you taking advantage of all benefits your employer offers?
  • Cell Phone Early Termination Fees – if you want to change your carrier, just trade your service with someone else. Sites like Cell trade, can help you get out of your cell phone contract.