Second rejection at Nazareth

In Matt 13:53-58, Jesus had finished speaking to the crowd and He went back to His home tiwn.  While He was there He went into the local meeting place and began to teach the people.  Like the first time the people listened for a while but when He told them about His mission they began to remember that this was their home town boy name Jesus and they knew His family.  They were amazed at His power but they still did not faith because of this familiarity to Jesus.  Jesus came to teach the people about the things of God and He wishes to do the same for you.  People in Jesus’ home town did not believe because they only saw things in the natural.  Jesus dealt in the supernatural.  They saw Him as a man, not as the Son of God coming with power and wisdom.  Jesus taught that a prophet is without honor in their home town.  The power of God cannot work where unbelief is present.  There must be faith present for God to work.  Miracles happen when people have faith.  People are going to take offence when you tell them about Christ because even when Jesus was walking on the face of the earth people were offended by Him.  Even Jesus is amazed when people lack faith because He knows how important it is to the Christian life.  Do you?