Second Time the Charm

   Regularly I do not put a blog on twice a day but I wanted to say this little thing before I forget.  Last weekend I attended Break Forth 2012.  It was great to listen to the music and the different speakers.  I took something away from each one of them.  It was last night that I had the most dramatic change.  I listen to a man who had no arms or legs.  He was a powerful speaker and example for all.  At the time I was a little tired and not in the best frame of mind.  Yet through his example and faith in Christ I was inspired.  I realize that the Lord had really blessed me.  Here I am a father, husband, grandfather, pastor and radio personality.  God has been so good.  Everyday, I get to proclaim this glorious gospel to thousands in Northern Alberta and around the world via internet.  What a privilege.  So today if you find yourself a little down remember God always has someone close by to inspire you.  I read one time a man was complaining to God about having no shoes and his perspective changing dramaticly when he met a man with no feet.  That is what happened to me.  A man with no arms or feet, challenged me to use mine for the glory of God.