Seek God First.

Today I decided to go away a little from my routine of staying in the Old Testament and I want to spend some time in Matthew.  Matthew 6:33, states that we are to seek first the Kingdom of God and then all things will be added unto us.  If you want the life that you ever wanted it starts with seeking God’s Kingdom first.  God is the beginning of all things.  His will for the Christian must be the top priority.  When we do that first, then all the other things will come as we progress through the Christian life.  The problem is with most is that we think it somehow starts and ends with us.  The good works syndrome is still alive and well among many today.  We try to work out our own salvation instead of letting God help us.  We do as the Galatians did.  We finish in the flesh what was started in the Spirit.  Today seek God first and then the Holy Spirit will help you live this wonderful salvation out everyday.  You do not have to strive to get God’s approval.  You already have it.  You just need to learn to walk with God everyday and then all the other things will fall into place.