Seeking a Sign

In Mark 8:12, Jesus reveals something about His generation and ours.  They were a generation that were looking for a sign.  A sign that God is real, that God will do something for them.  They will believe when God opens up the skies and speaks to them directly.  I have had many people tell me over the years, "I will believe when I see a sign."  What is amazing is that God has displayed His glory every where.  Creation is God’s silent witness.  It displays every where that there is an intelligent creator.  Yet mankind still does not believe or we propose theories that say we evolved.  The theory of evolution has been proposed by a portion of the scientific community as fact when in reality it takes more faith to believe in the theory of evolution than to believe that a master creator who made this world.  The complexity of life and how beautifully this world functions demonstrates a master creator and yet mankind still does not believe.  When Jesus walked the earth, God was walking among men.  Jesus did wonderful miracles and yet people did not believe.  Last night I was at a ladies meeting at our church and one of our ladies told me how on Sunday she came forward for prayer for healing for her ears and God healed her.  She was so excited because she knew that there was a God and He heals.  No evolutionist, rationalist, realist or any other educated fool can convince her that Jesus is not real because she was healed.  Jesus said a wicked generation seeks signs to prove God is real.  I trust that you are not wicked and need a sign.  Jesus said to Thomas, "Blessed are those who believe and do not need a sign to see."  Faith is believing when everything says you should not.