Seeking God Best

  Everyday when I get up to do the morning show on AM 930 the Light, my wish that I would be a blessing.  The show is all about encourage, inspiration and insight.  God has a definate plan for each of us.  Through the avenues of prayer and the Bible we can get daily insight into what God has for us that day.  In my now decades of serving God I have found that he has never left me and has always been just a prayer away.  That does not mean that there have not been days that I have not floundered and even questioned God about what is going on.  Yet it in those times God has come through and shown me His love and care. Â

  Paul writes to the Corinthian church about that which he has received he passes on to them.  That is my wish as well.  That which I have received I desire to pass onto you.  I have always found the Lord a great friend.  An old friend of mine named Terry put it this way, “With God it is all about relationship.”  Let God into your world and find that relationship that you have been looking for. Â