Self Control

In Gal 5:23, Paul talks about the last fruit of the Spirit being self control.  This is a quality that most people want but do not know how to get it.  You have for example the person who follows eastern mysticism.  They believe that through the process of yoga and meditation they will receive self control.  Others who follow the exercise philosophy believe that if you work hard at self discipline you will have self control.  Paul says that self control comes but allowing the Holy Spirit to control and lead you life.  When a person comes to Christ the Holy Spirit comes inside and begins a process of changing our lives every day.  Some days it is subtle and gradual others times it is dramatic and everyone notices.  Either way little by little the Lord changes us from the inside out.  Things that use to bother you do not any longer.  Areas of your life that were so hard to bring under control are not a problem any longer.  All because the Holy Spirit is changing you.  Your part is too allow Him to do that.  Saying no, to the old things and saying yes, to Christ.  It is praying and reading God’s word to know God’s will and then putting those things in practice.  It is submitting your thought life to God.  Simply put you get self control by letting another control your life, the Holy Spirit.  So today let this fruit of the Spirit be evident and all will rejoice for what God has done.