Sept 13 – With my mouth – Psalm 109:30-31

Sept 13 – With my mouth – Psalm 109:30-31


David then closes off this psalm with an aim and goal.  He is going to extol, testify and tell others

about the Lord.  David is going to do it publicly.  Jesus stated that if we are ashamed of Him He will

be ashamed of us.  Our testimony should not just be a silent one but a public one.  Remember we

overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.  David knew this.  He knew the

devil was defeated when the saints of God tell the world of the goodness and love of God.  Do you?

David then states the Lord stands at the right hand of the needy.  If you need God’s help He will

Give you His strength and help.  The Lord will rescue those who need Him.  He will be their help,

Deliverer, strength and shield.  There is a story about a man trapped in a cave with no way out.  He

In desperation called out to the Lord and within a day was rescued.  He discovered the Lord cares

For us even in the pits we make ourselves and you will as well.