Sept 16 – Think about this – Psalm 11:2

Sept 16 – Think about this – Psalm 11:2


The Psalmist here is praising the Lord and he then asks his audience or readers to ponder or think

About the great works of the Lord.  When you delight in the Lord you see things differently.  You have

Have a different mindset than those who live in this world.  Jesus said, “That which is flesh is flesh and

That which is Spirit is Spirit.”  The two cannot meet.  When a person gives their lives to the Lord they

Are living in a different reality.  You are a child of the King.  You have the Holy Spirit living in you.  So

You see things from the eternal perspective.

The child of God sees and thinks about the Lord.  He is foremost in their thinking patterns.  Christian meditation is thinking about the Lord and then putting it into lifestyle.  You don’t just think you are a

A doer.  James says our faith is real when we practice it.  Today think of the great things of the Lord and then do them.