Sept 17 – Vignettes on Prayer

You often never knew the will of God until it actually happens. In our last vignette we were talking about a young lady who received an amount of money to go to Bible College. Well she did attend and on the first day she met many wonderful young men and women. One young man actually shook her hand twice and wished that her year in Bible College to be highly successful. The following morning she entered the class and to her surprise there he was sitting. She sat down beside him because a young lady she has met on the previous day sat in front of him. As she looked at the young man the Holy Spirit spoke and said, “This is the man you are going to marry.” Her response was , “oh no not him.” This was not what she had planned for her life. She was only there at Bible College for one semester and then it was off to university. God uses circumstances, events and people to do His will our response must be as her was. Lord if this is the man who I am going to marry than in time he will feel and know it. Only through prayer will we get the assurance of God’s will over ours.