Sept 21 – Vignettes on Prayer

In our previous vignette romantic thoughts were stirring but not enough to charge a romance. The young man was still dating another. One day the young man was approach by the pastor of the church they were attending and working in. The pastor suggested that he invite the young lady to join the young man at the church Christmas banquet. The young man responded that he was dating another to which the pastor reminded him that this was just a church banquet as they were just coming as friends. The truth was the pastor saw the young woman’s long loving looks she gave this young man every time they were together and he decided to play cupid. The young man saw no harm in this and asked the young lady to the banquet. The night of the banquet he arrived at her door. She opened the door and to his shock and delight she never looked more beautiful or lovely in appearance and demeanor. They had a wonderful night as friends but something had been planted in the young man’s heart. That night she went to prayer praising God and thanking Him for His kindness. Even if it was only for a night she was truly happy. God’s joy and love is often displayed in our times of prayer.