Sept 22 – He raises up – Psalm 113:7-9


This psalm is grace in action.  The Lord raises the poor up from where they have fallen.  He calls for the lonely, sick and oppressed.  Not one thing slips by the Lord.  He hears the smallest cry in the remotest place.  He lifts up the needed from the place of pain and despair.  Whatever situation we find ourselves in whether we created it or others did.  The Lord can and will rescue us if we ask.  The Lord will rescue those who have not voice and He calls His people to speak for those who cannot help themselves.  In Matthew 25, people will be judged by how they help the widow, orphan, sick and prisoner.

The Lord elevates the needy to walk among princes and kings.  He will place them among princes and the people who follow them.  The principle of the Kingdom of God is simple.  Whoever humbles themselves will be exalted and those who exalt themselves will be humbled.  This psalm confirms this.

The Lord settles the barren woman in a home with many children.  The Lord has blessing for every situation.  We need to trust in His goodness and love.  He knows our situation and how to resolve it.  Let us trust Him today for His healing provision and care.