Sept 22 – Vignettes on Prayer

Our story continues. The young man continued to show no visible interest in the young lady after the banquet. They went to work and church together. They hung out with their friends but nothing more. He was going to the College Christmas Banquet with another girl. In fact one afternoon the young lady was invited to a study party by one of her college friends. At the study part the young woman who was the steady of the young man was there and they talked about the upcoming event. The young woman left the study part discouraged. The following day a young man from the college approached her to go the College Christmas banquet she accepted. In her discouragement she came to the conclusion that this romance may never happen. It was time to get on with life. She went to pray and told the Lord that she accepted the fact that she could not force someone to love her. It is wonderful that the Lord hears and understands our hearts even in moments of discouragement. Remember pray about all things even when you do not know what the Lord is doing.