Sept 23 – Vignettes on Prayer

We are getting close to end of this part of their story. The young lady and the young man spent the next week working getting their things together for Christmas holidays. It was now the weekend before Christmas. They worked the last Saturday before Christmas and the following day he was leaving for his home town and her dad was coming to get her to take her back to her community. That Sunday he drove her to church as usual but he was not going to stay because he had a long trip home. They drove into the parking lot and as was his habit he opened the door for her. To her surprise he escorted her to the steps of the church and then kissed her a long passionate kiss good bye. In that moment they both knew that love had sprung in their hearts. She did not remember too much of the service and his drive home was one of prayer because he knew she was making a decision. He prayed she make the right one for he did not want to lose what he had just found. Prov 3:5-6, says that we are trust the Lord with all our hearts and do not lean to our own understanding but in all ways acknowledge Him and he will direct our path.