Serve the Lord.

In Ezra 10:1-4, Ezra and the people of Judah were confessing their sin before the Lord.  They made a covenant to serve the Lord with all their hearts.  It was a great day for Judah.  The Lord’s people were willing as a nation to turn from their wicked ways.  Jonah had been called to preach to the people of Ninevah.  He did and the whole city turned to God.  I personally think that Jonah was the greatest evangelist who ever lived.  God wants to do this kind of work here in Canada.  A few days ago we talked about the formula for nation wide revival.  I believe that if the Christian will pray this nation will come back to God.  It will be a great day when we see the politicians in Ottawa surrendering their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.  It begins with the Christian confessing their sins and praying for the nation.  Something I do every morning.  One day I believe we will see this nation coming back to God.  Will you stand with me on this declaration of faith?  Your promises today are 2 Chron 7:14, Josh 24:15, Prov 22:6 and Matt 6:33.  Our insightful thoughts today are:  Trusting in riches is like trying to catch the wind.  Storing treasures in heaven means no bank fees.