Sign and Wonders

These Signs will follow – Mark 16:18     We are continuing our discussion on the signs that follow those who believe.  They will be able to pick up serpents and drinking any deadly thing.   This of course is talking  about divine protection in the small and great things.  Paul demonstrated this ability on the island of Malta when a serpent grabbed onto his hand.  He shook off in the fire.  The result was that many believed in him.  It is wonderful to know that you have divine immunity and protection in the middle of persecution and the storms of life.  They will lay their hands on others and they will recover.  Healing was and is still a part of the churches mandate.  James says that if there is any sick among us let them call for the elders of the church to come and pray healing for them and they will recover.  Healing can be immediate or gradual.  Either way God is glorified and people see that the Lord is alive and well in His church.  Our mandate from the Lord is clear.  We have all of heaven standing behind us and Jesus will be with us all the way.  Today bring the healing touch of the Lord into those in your world.  Secondly hone your walk with God that people will see fruit and signs which show you are in close contact with the Lord.  It will benefit you and others you come into contact with.