Simeon and Anna

In Luke 2:22-38, Simeon and Anna were two older saints who were righteous and devout.  Simeon had been told by the Holy Spirit he would not die unti he saw the Messiah.  When he saw the child he took him in his arms and gave a prophecy over Jesus.  Anna saw Jesus and spoke of His redemption.  Mary and Joseph marveled over this and went to home.  Here is Simeon’s prophecy:  The Holy Spirit was working in the lives of the Old Testament saints.  The Holy Spirit moved him to find the Christ who God had promised to let him see before he died.  God always keeps His promises.  The Lord always completes His task before He dismisses His servants.  The Lord prepares and gives salvation to His people.  Jesus is the light and revelation to the gentiles and the glory of God to the people of Israel.  Jesus is the rising and falling of the nation of Israel.  Jesus will reveal the thoughts of many hearts even His family.  Anna then came along and said that Jesus is the redemption of the people.  He is the grace and wisdom of God.  Your promises today are:  Prov 8:22, John 1:1, 8:58, Col 1:15-19, Heb 2:1-8 and Rev 1:8.  Your Insightful Saying is:  The person who encourages brings life to the bones, the one who criticizes death to the soul.